Traveling and Covid-19

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It’s upon us and there is no denying that Covid-19 exists. We’ve been living it and have all experienced some form of disappointment due to this pandemic, whether it was life changing such as losing a loved one, losing a job or experiencing the virus yourself. I’m sure some (if not all) of you have had to cancel travel plans, wedding plans, birthday plans, graduation plans, maybe even life plans… but… we are all still standing. Let’s be thankful we still have opportunity to travel and experience life, other than being stuck at home quarantined.

Everyone is wondering, where can I travel to? Should I even travel? What are the rules? Will the rules keep changing? I will address all these questions here.

Things are very uncertain right now as rules and protocols keep changing. Governors are announcing new regulations frequently depending on spike or decline in covid cases. Some states opened completely, only to shut back down a short time later. So where do we stand?

With the recent announcement by the CDC that all international travelers must provide a negative covid test within 3 days of returning to the US, things have been chaotic. Many people are rushing to cancel their trips again, this is all a replay of March 2020. The order goes into effect on January 26, 2021 and is set to expire Dec. 31, 2021 if no changes are made before that date. What does this mean for travelers? This means that if you travel out of the US, you will be required to obtain a negative covid test (in the country you are visiting) within 3 days of your return to the US. Without the negative test results you will not be allowed to board the aircraft. Do you need this test if you’ve had the vaccine? YES you would still need a negative test result despite having received the vaccine. What if you’ve had Covid already and recovered? You will not need a negative covid test if you’ve recovered. You will need a letter from your doctor that you are cleared to travel and have recovered from the virus along with your positive test results. It is not recommended to travel anywhere internationally at this time and I have paused booking international destinations at this time. I anticipate there will be an announcement sooner than later on the change of this policy.

So where will you get tested? A lot of resorts are bringing medical professionals to the resort to perform tests on international travelers. If your resort does not, there are local testing sites set up where you can go to get tested as well.

Can you travel domestically? Yes. Again, the CDC does not recommend you travel but if you do please make sure to follow covid protocols such as wearing a mask in public, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining social distancing. I would recommend all travelers drive to their destination whenever possible. I am still able to book domestic travel.

Here is a list by state:

  • Alaska – Travel declaration & negative covid test required
  • Arizona – No Travel restrictions
  • Arkansas – No Travel restrictions
  • California – Under stay-at-home order, no nonessential travel
  • Colorado – Pitkin County (which includes Aspen) requires a negative covid test and complete a health affidavit. The rest of Colorado has no travel restrictions.
  • Connecticut – Everyone must self quarantine for 10 days or provide negative covid result and complete a travel health form.
  • Delaware – No travel restrictions
  • Florida – No travel restrictions
  • Georgia – No travel restrictions
  • Hawaii – Negative covid test required prior to departure
  • Idaho – No travel restrictions
  • Illinois – No travel restrictions (Chicago may differ)
  • Indiana – No travel restrictions
  • Iowa – No travel restrictions
  • Kansas – varies by area
  • Kentucky – Self Quarantine required for 14 days
  • Louisiana – No travel restrictions
  • Maine- Negative Covid test required
  • Massachusetts – Travel form and negative covid test required
  • Michigan – No travel restrictions
  • Minnesota – Self Quarantine required for 14 days
  • Mississippi – No travel restrictions
  • Missouri – No travel restrictions
  • Montana – No travel restrictions
  • Nebraska – No travel restrictions
  • Nevada – No travel restrictions- capacity limit imposed
  • New Hampshire – Self Quarantine required for 10 days
  • New Jersey – Nonessential travel not recommended, self quarantine required
  • New Mexico – Self Quarantine required for 14 days
  • New York – Traveler health form and quarantine required unless you have a negative result.
  • North Carolina – No travel restrictions
  • North Dakota – No travel restrictions (has one of the highest cases per 100K people, travel not recommended)
  • Ohio – Self Quarantine required for 14 days
  • Oklahoma – No travel restrictions
  • Oregon – Self Quarantine required for 14 days
  • Pennsylvania – Negative test or 10 day quarantine required
  • Rhode Island – Negative test or 14 day quarantine required
  • South Carolina – No travel restrictions
  • South Dakota – No travel restrictions
  • Tennessee – No travel restrictions
  • Texas – No travel restrictions
  • Utah – No travel restrictions
  • Vermont – 14-day quarantine or negative test
  • Virginia – No travel restrictions
  • DC – negative covid test required from certain states
  • Washington – Self Quarantine required for 14 days
  • West Virginia – No travel restrictions
  • Wisconsin – No travel restrictions
  • Wyoming – No travel restrictions


Las Vegas recently announced that they have extended their 30-day order of 25% capacity. Establishments are required to operate at a 25% capacity, only allowing a certain number of people inside. Las Vegas does offer outdoor dining on the strip and this would be a great alternative to something indoors.

Traveling is completely at your discretion. Will I be traveling? Absolutely! Domestically for now. If you feel you are able to follow covid protocols and still travel, go for it! If you’re afraid or concerned that you may not be able to follow rules and guidelines, wait to travel. Take this time to explore your own state. There are many secluded areas you may not even know about. Now there’s the idea for my next blog post, Secluded locations in your state 🤔

sourced: CDC website


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