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A Little About Me

First, I’d like to Thank YOU for being a part of DeeLuxe Vacations and following our Travel Page! I wanted to share this with you, especially for those wondering if I’m a real person… I am 🙂 here’s a little about me…

The first few years of my life were chaotic, without me even knowing it, or remembering, because I was only 2 years old when I became a refugee. I was born in the former Yugoslavia, who went to war in 1991 and we were forced to flee. I remember the refugee camp in Belgium, even though I was little, I have memories. I won’t go into details here (I’ll leave that for my book lol). Then we moved to Germany where I grew up in a very small town near Stuttgart. I moved to the US at 9 years old, when the German government decided refugees couldn’t stay any longer. First living in Dallas and then moving to St. Louis, Missouri. By the time I was 10, I spoke 3 languages fluently and was working on my 4th. I had the drive and ambition, even as a young child. We traveled to Switzerland when I was about 7 and hiked in the mountains, that is when I fell in love with traveling. I wanted to Travel for the rest of my life.

Fast Forward to my Adult-Life….

I graduated High School early and went to work. I always wanted to go away to college but it was something my parents couldn’t afford, neither could I. I went to Community College on a grant and then finished my degree in applied science at an online university. Shortly after High School, I became a MOM to an amazing little boy. The next few years I spent taking care of my family, working 3 jobs as a waitress and finishing my online degree. In 2012, at the age of 21, I got pregnant with my 2nd child and bought our 1st home! That was an exciting time for my family and I… but living in St. Louis as an interracial couple had it’s difficulties. I won’t go into details but we were forced to move and start all over again. The day we decided to move on from this, I got the worst phone call of my life. My dad was killed… at work.

That changed my life forever. So here we are on Chapter 25 now.

The next few months I spent analyzing my Dad’s case and putting together the pieces on how this happened. I presented this to an attorney because I wanted justice for my Dad. They were so impressed with my work and how I put the case together that I got hired on the spot as a Legal Assistant. I always wanted to work in the legal field as I studied Forensics and Criminal Law in college. I had my dream job now! I wished my dad could have seen me move up like this, he would be proud.

In 2018, my life changed again. I got married and started my Travel business! This was the best thing that ever happened to me. I always loved traveling and I had already booked many vacations prior. I loved everything about it and hoped to continue traveling my whole life. Business was slow at first, it was new to me. I stayed motivated and kept pushing. I educated myself and stayed consistent. I hoped one day I could make this my full time job. I hoped this would give me the opportunity to take care of my family while also having more time with them (because working 3 jobs gave me 0 time with my family). I’m humbled to say, I made it further than I ever imagined. I’m now a wife, mother to 3, a business owner.. and I have my real dream job.

Throughout the last 4 Years of working in the Travel industry there have been MANY ups and downs including the shut-down of travel due to Covid. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it through the pandemic with my business still on the plate but I did! Not only did we make it but we GREW immensely and I now have employees and an OFFICE 🙌. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I’m thankful for all my clients and followers. I have booked MILLIONS of dollars in Vacations and have served over 4000 clients. I really enjoy what I do and I love making it possible for others to travel. I specialize in Group trips, Vegas Getaways and All-Inclusive vacations. I hope to be your Travel Agent in the future!

Enough about me… Let’s get your next trip booked!!

I offer custom quotes if you can’t find any packages you like on my Travel Page.



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